Configure password reset
  • 19 Jun 2024
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Configure password reset

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The reset password feature allows IXM Platform users to reset their password without contacting an administrator. When a user requests a password reset, they receive an email with a reset link. Via the link, users can open a dialog that helps them create a new password.

To enable and use the password reset feature, you must configure it in the master.config file.

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Ensure that you meet the following prerequisites before you configure the password reset feature.

Configure password reset

To configure the password reset feature, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the master.config file.

  2. Configure the following settings:




    Set this setting to true to enable the password reset feature.

    The default value is false.


    Specify the sender email address. That is, the address from which the password reset email is sent to the user.



    Specify how long the link in the password reset email is valid in hours.

    The default value is 24.

  3. Save your changes and close the file.

<appSettings type="global">
  <add key="PasswordResetByEmailEnabled" value="true" />
  <add key="PasswordResetSenderEmail" value="" />
  <add key="SmtpServer" value="" />
  <add key="SmtpUser" value="" />
  <add key="SmtpPassword" value="" />
  <add key="SmtpDomain" value="" />
  <add key="SmtpEnableSsl" value="false" />

Customize the tooltip

When users enter a new password that doesn’t meet the password criteria, there is a tooltip informing them of the password rules. You can specify the text of the tooltip and add translations.

To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the customer-specific languages folder. Example path: 000xxx/languages/

  2. Open the desired language file. Example: lang_en.json

  3. In the file, go to COMMON > ERROR > TOOLTIP.

  4. Change the value of PASSWORD_INVALID to your custom text in the matching language.

  5. Save your changes and close the file.

  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each language file.

  "ERROR": {
    "TOOLTIP": {
      "PASSWORD_INVALID" : "The password must consist of ..."

Hide password reset button

By default, the password reset button appears in the IXM platform login window. However, you can hide it, for example, if you have your own CI and your own email templates that are not immediately available when the server is updated.

To hide the password reset button, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the configuration files on the server at: GVServer2\www\gv2\gf\GFWebHtmlCustomer\

  2. Open one of the following the folders:

    • 00000: edit configurations for the entire server, which means for all customers.

    • 000xxx: edit customer-specific settings. xxx is the customer ID.

  3. Open the config.json file in your folder with a text editor like Notepad++.

  4. Go to common > login.

  5. Ensure that enableResetPasswordButton is set to false.

  6. Save any changes and close the file.

"common": {
      "login": {
          "enableResetPasswordButton": false

Work with mail templates

When users request a new password, the IXM Platform sends them an email based on a standard mail template. This standard mail template is located at: mainserverpath\configs\MailTemplates\reset_password_mail 

Create templates

You can create your own password reset mail templates, for example, with a specific branding or different languages. 

Deploy templates

If you have customer-specific templates, you can deploy them in one of the following ways:

  • To use the templates for all clients of the server, copy them into the global folder mainserverpath\configs\MailTemplates\00000.

  • To use the templates only for a specific client, copy them into the client folder mainserverpath\configs\MailTemplates\000xx (xx is the client ID).

Provide templates in multiple languages

When a user requests a password reset, the IXM Platform looks for a mail template that matches the language selected in the IXM Platform login screen. That means, it searches for a file with a matching language suffix. 

Therefore, you must save different language versions of templates with the suffix _lang_XX. For example, use _lang_fr for French.


If there’s no matching file, the IXM Platform sends the standard mail template.

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