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Dise One


These prerequisites are required for Dise One to run correctly. These are not included in the Dise One installation:


  1. Download the latest Dise One Windows installer.
  2. Run the .msi and follow the simple installation wizard.

Installer Command-line Options

Use msiexec to automate the installation with optional command-line options:

  • /quiet - Quiet display option. The installer runs an installation without displaying a user interface. No prompts, messages, or dialog boxes display to the user. The user can't cancel the installation.
  • /passive - Passive display option. The installer displays a progress bar to the user that indicates that an installation is in progress, but displays no prompts or error messages to the user. The user can't cancel the installation.
  • /norestart - Never restart option. The installer never restarts the computer after the installation.
  • /forcerestart - Always restart option. The installer restarts the computer after every installation.
  • /promptrestart - Prompt before restarting option. Displays a message that a restart is required to complete the installation and asks the user whether to restart the system now. You can't use this option with the /quiet option.
  • /log - Log option. Writes logging information into a log file at the specified existing path. The path to the log file location must already exist. The installer doesn't create the directory structure for the log file.
msiexec.exe  /i C:\Downloads\DisePlayer.msi /quiet /norestart

Post Installation (Optional)

Set to run at startup manually

  1. Locate the player executable - C:\Program Files (x86)\Dise\Player\PlayerLauncher.exe.
  2. Create a shortcut to the PlayerLauncher.exe.
  3. Add optional command-line parameters:
    1. Right click on the shortcut.
    2. Select 'properties'.
    3. Under the 'Shortcut' tab add the parameters to the end of the 'Target'.
  4. Add the shortcut to the Windows Startup folder:
    1. Open 'Run' via the Windows start menu.
    2. Enter '%AppData%'.
    3. Navigate to 'Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > Startup.

Set to run at startup via batch file

  1. Create a Windows Registry (.reg) file.
  2. Add optional command-line parameters:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Dise Player (Auto-start)"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Dise\\Player\\PlayerLauncher.exe /DELAY 60"

2. Add optional command-line parameters:

3. Install the reg file via the command 'reg import filename.reg'.

Optional command-line parameters

  •  /delay <seconds> - The player will run after the specified number of seconds. Commonly used when Windows or 3rd party software, services or components need time to start before the Dise player.
  • /showdelaywindow - A progress bar will show counting down the delay specified.
  • /debug - Allows the player browser developer tools to be opened with F12.


Bundled Installer

The bundled installer includes all dependencies for Dise fully function:

  • LAVFilters.
  • Microsoft Redistributable 2010.
  • Microsoft Redistributable 2013.
  • Python.
  • Pywin.
  • Firewall exceptions.


  1. Run the bundled .exe installer.
  2. Dise player software will install to the local users app data.
  3. Admin user permission will be requested to finish off the Dise installation and install the dependencies.
  4. Python will be installed via the internet. If no connection is available this will be skipped and python can be installed separately if required.
  5. Firewall exceptions will be added.
  6. Installation complete.
  7. Open Dise manually or reboot Windows.

Alternative Installers

Request alternative installers from the Dise support team. These include:

  • Separate admin and user installers.
  • Upgrade installer.

Admin and User Installers

These separate installers can be used to manage the parts of the Dise software installation that require admin user permission separately.

The dependencies are NOT included in these installers. These need to be installed separately from their respective websites.

Upgrade installer

This can only be run on top of a currently installed version of Dise to upgrade to a later version. This doesn't require admin privileges.

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