System Preparations
  • 30 Apr 2024
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System Preparations

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Article summary

These are guidelines to prepare a Windows image, this image can then be cloned and applied to future media players.

Windows Player Settings

  • Create an admin account for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Create a standard user account for the Dise player.
  • Change power outage settings in BIOS to restore power after a power outage.
  • Ensure Windows and drivers are fully up to date.
  • Set up auto log in for the account with Dise installed.
  • Deactivate automatic Windows updates.
  • Configure power save settings as desired.
  • Disable EWF (Enhanced Write Filter).
  • Configure remote access with unattended access (password enabled). E.g. TeamViewer Host.
  • Windows personalization settings:
    • Black/generic background.
    • Black/generic lockscreen.
    • Remove desktop icons.
    • Remove start menu icons.

Display Settings

  • Set correct resolution and orientation
  • Set DPI scaling to 100%. 'Change the size of text, apps and other items' in display settings.

SoC Screen Settings

  • Ensure firmware is updated to the latest version.
  • Ensure date & time settings are correct.
  • Configure power save settings as desired.
  • Configure source settings as desired:
    • Auto-boot to specified source.
    • Fall-back source.

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