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  • 26 Apr 2024
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Play Count

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A play count report shows how many times, in total, each piece of content has played on each display. Edit a display to enable reporting.

Reporting is disabled by default and must be enabled on each display by editing the displays.

The report includes:

  • Content name.
  • Content type.
  • Display name.
  • Total number of times the content played.
  • Duration of the content item.
  • First time the content item played.
  • Las time the content item played.
See example report attached.

Create report

  1. Navigate to 'Reports' in the left menu:reports_menu🔎︎
  2. Click 'Create':


3. Add a name for the report. By default this is a date and time stamp of when the report was created.

4. Select 'Play count' as the type.

5. Change the start and end dates. By default it's the current month.

6. Change the start and end times if needed. By default it's all day.

The start time only impacts the start date.
The end time only impacts the end date.

7. Select one or more displays to filter by display. By default all displays are selected.

8. Select one or more playlists to filter by playlist. By default all playlists are selected.

9. Enter the exact filename of a content item to filter by specific content.

a. Search for a piece of content with one or more keywords. Use percentage signs either side of the keyword(s), e.g. %keyword(s)%. 

The content filter will filter using the exact filename or keyword(s), spaces included. Entering incorrectly in the content filter could result in an empty report.

10. Click 'Create'.


11. The report will be added to the list of reports under a 'Processing' state.

12. The report state will change to 'Ready' once fully generated.

13. Click on a ready report to open it.

A browser page refresh may be required for the report to change from 'Processing' to 'Ready'.

Export a Report

  1. Select a report.
  2. Select 'Export'.
  3. Choose from the options available:
    1. CSV - Download the full report in .csv format.
    2. PDF - Download the full report in .pdf format.
    3. WEB - View the full report in a new tab, outside of the CX portal.

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