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  • 10 Jun 2024
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Article summary

CX Portal V21

New Features

Screen Control for Premium

A new interface on the display has been introduced for setting up screen control on the Premium player.

Premium version 43.2.1 or later required

Global Location Selector

In the top right corner, you will now find the new Location Selector. This allows you to view your current location and easily switch to a different one. Partner admins will now have access to all brands by default, including newly created ones.


Navigating from and to locations is now faster and more efficient, with reduced load times and no need to traverse the entire location structure repeatedly.

Profile Context Menu
Your profile has been moved from the bottom left to the top right. Clicking the profile icon now opens a context menu with options for easier access, including logout.

Playout Module Enhancement
The Playout module has been significantly improved for greater accuracy and you no longer need to manually select a specific scenario, only triggers, and there is also added support for weather settings.


  • Duplicating a channel should now result in the correct content being applied to it.

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