• 09 Oct 2023
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CX Portal

The CX Portal is built using the Dise API so all actions in the CX Portal can be done via the API.

Use GraphQL in scripts or via the inbuilt GraphQL tool in the CX Portal:

  1. Add '/docs' to the end of the CX Portal URL.
    1. E.g. https://app.dise.com/docs
  2. Expand 'Docs' in the top right to view API documentation.
  3. Add the GraphQL query to the main section.
    1. Add any query variables to the bottom section.
  4. Click the run button:


Premium Player HTTP

The Premium player has a built-in web server which can be controlled by API calls:

  1. Navigate to http://developer.dise.com/ for API documentation.
  2. Add the 'WebServerEnabled' custom setting to the player.
    1. Check the web server is active by navigating to 'http://[player IP or hostname]:8080' on the player's web browser. If active, the player's information will display.
  3. API calls must be made on the same network as the target players.

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